Loss becomes Opportunity

Going into the education field is a rather stupid move at this point. There are minimal jobs available with politics and nepotism coming in first over ability. The Common Core and APPR (evaluation system for NY) are good in theory but so horribly planned and rolled out that it’s a stressful, hair-pulling nightmare to deal with daily. Still, here I am, coming to the end of my first year of teaching, which almost didn’t happen. 

“It’s yours if you want it,” were the words I was told when the principal informed me of a year-long LTS position for a 12:1:1 classroom. “I want you in there.” We met, which unbeknownst to me, was an interview. Finally, a week later, the job goes to someone else. (Who, thankfully, is a kickass teacher and totally deserved it.)

Loss #1. Opportunity #1.

I went through the emotions, angry and annoyed and hurt and etc. etc. I planned out a new path and began down it until opportunity came calling, and pulled me back into teaching: 10 week extended sub position, which would lead into another position to finish out the year. Oh, and that call was Friday before labor day. I started teaching the following Tuesday. 

All year, I worked my ass off, doing everything I could to rock the position and solidify my position in the district. Many defeats came and went with many tears shed. However, some successes also came and went with big smiles. That is the world of education–many defeats and some successes, tugging you along on the scariest, yet most amazing roller coaster. The some successes make the many defeats worth it.

The year begins to close and calls are made for the fall.

I don’t get one.

Loss #2.

Opportunities are around, for sure. Something tells me, though, I’ll have to chase this one down, wherever and whatever it may be. 


Inspiration: Day four, The Serial Killer


A Season for Everything

Smile spreading across my face
As the sun shines throughout the sky
Love encompassing my world
As the colors change around me
Peace surrounding me
As the snow serenely falls
Emptiness sinking dangerously
As the grayness refuses to fade
Calmness flowing through me
As the rain pounds the ground
Excitement radiating deep within my bones
As the thunder crashes and the lightning strikes
Hope blossoming within
As the flowers begin to bloom
Smile spreading across my face
As the sun shines throughout the sky


Inspiration: Climate Control

Ahh, Balance!

I have been both very busy and very lazy with my posts. But, here I am:) This post is courtesy of an awesome balance class from MyYogaPro. I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with balancing. Reminding me of my ballet days, struggling to stay on one foot, in an odd position…my oh my did I forget the ankle strength that I once had and desperately need again. Still, I loved it. I feel so relaxed, strong and accomplished, even if I didn’t do the video exactly as it shows. Success.

The concept of balance has always fascinated me. Naturally, I find myself feeling much stronger and healthier when my life is balanced. I don’t mean evenly balanced, but for me, just the right balance between work, friends, me, etc. etc. A daily struggle isn’t the right phrase, but a daily focus seems about right. Every day I try to really balance out having my me time, but also getting the work I need to completed, and throwing in some socializing as well. The more I try to balance and juggle, the more I realize just how crazy society is simply because there IS so much to balance!

For my practice, I need to begin balancing the fun challenging classes (balances) with the hard, frustrating challenging classes (flexibility). But that can be tomorrow morning after my run:)

Here’s to you feeling a little more balanced each and every day.



On Saturday, I finally finished the 30 Day Yoga Challenge with Erin Motz from DoYouYoga. It was awesome :) I was hoping to start MyYogaPro on Sunday, but alas, bugs have delayed its rollout. So, I’ve been playing around with some other videos. Today, I went back to Melissa McLeod’s Twist and Stretch which was awesome. Very relaxing, and quieting. Near the very end, just before Savasana, some characters of mine from my NaNoWriMo novel popped into my head. Now, I haven’t touched my novel since then. (No judgement zone, s’il vous plait!) The story is beginning to roll around in my head again, ideas popping up everywhere. Yoga is doing wonders for my reactions to stress. Now, I have a much more ‘just gotta make it work!’ attitude. (For example, I found out last minute that I had to do progress monitoring on TWO of my students today…yea that takes time to prep, but made it through pretty relaxed. Naturally, yoga is also doing wonders for my body–I’m feeling stronger, have better balance, and my flexibility continues to improve ever so slightly. Next, apparently, yoga is moving into helping me with my writing. Who knew yoga would help inspire…

Warrior Mornings

Since Wednesday, I’ve been doing a short 10 minute yoga flow every morning before beginning my day. I go through multiple flows, and also do Warrior 1 (Virabhadrasana I) and Warrior 2 (Virabhadrasana II) poses. (I’m trying to learn a little Sanskrit along the way.) Today, I added Warrior 3 (Virabhadrasana III). I found going through this flow, I am easily energized, centered and ready for the day…even before my coffee! What I’ve noticed, however, is that even though I’ve only been doing this for a few days, I’m immediately drawn to my mat in the morning. Even today, Saturday, I didn’t want to do anything before I did my flow.

Being a lover of words, I love the strength that comes from “Warrior.” For me, the word represents a ever continuing strength when struggles are present. Somehow, fighting through the stress, confusion, pain. Warrior implies the ability to push past it all and come out on the other side, successful. Even if that means I didn’t get the job, which I didn’t, I am a warrior and will push through until I get another. Going through this flow every day, gives me the needed strength to make it through each day. Whether I am happy throughout, or simply push through the day to get home, this Warrior flow strengthens my mind, body, and soul.


Feeling Good with Yoga

The long week finally ended. An observation I had on Friday went pretty well, a meeting I was going to have to go through got cancelled, but still waiting to hear on jobs and apartments…can’t have it all, right? With a few stressors released, I went into my weekend pretty calmly.

Friday night, around 9:30, I began Day 14 of the 30 day challenge…all about yoga for runners. This did not go well. I think I was so tight, it led to very heavy breathing, which led me to feel lightheaded. All in all, I didn’t complete the video. Yesterday, yoga didn’t happen. This meant today was all about making up the missed yoga. I’m loving the 30 day challenge. Still, since it’s different things everyday, my flexibility that I was gaining with Rodney Yee was quickly fading. So, I started my yoga makeup day with his Power Yoga for Flexibility. It felt good! Then, I went into making up Day 14; it was much more successful. Much easier, but still a good challenge. I felt good (again)! Day 15 of the challenge is a non-stop standing flow. This one was a lot of fun. I like the standing poses, requiring  more balance, bringing me back to my dancing days. Last but not least, I did Day 16, focusing on splits. I was quite warmed up for this one! However, to this day, I cannot do splits; I’ve never been able to. Have I been close on one side? Sure. Still, never fully successful. Either way, I am all caught up with my yoga and feeling very good, physically and mentally! Isn’t that the goal?